Granted, we prefer check shirts to a well-built lumberjack. But even for us women, the plaid shirts are super good – if you style them exciting. In the big styling guide we show you how to combine the classic checked shirt.

We can not avoid checked shirts in autumn and winter. No wonder, because the tops are super comfortable, cuddly soft and easy to combine.

To give you inspiration for your own styling, we have chosen the coolest looks with the checkered classic. Click through the outfits and see how exciting you can combine the check shirt.


Style break desired

Are you looking for a trendy outfit with a style icon factor? Then combine the check shirt to a feminine tulle skirt. This break in style between rustic top and romantic playful skirt is super exciting and will make for astonished looks.

Even striking statement jewelry goes well with mapped shirts. Just make sure that the colors harmonize with each other. Otherwise, the look quickly becomes too restless. You should be careful with other patterns such as dots, flowers or paisley prints.

Put in pants or wear over: How do I style a check shirt best?
Checkered shirts in lumberjack style are usually a little further cut. You can model your figure and emphasize your waist by loosely tucking the hem of the shirt into your pants or waistband.

Then pull the fabric back up slightly to create a casual look. The sportier version: Wear the checked shirt over a shirt.


Knigge for the woman? Is not that something outdated? No way! Because with our helpful tips you can find the right blouse for every occasion in no time. Because let’s be honest, who retains already with Schluppenblusen, shirt blouses, ruffled blouses or tuxedos the overview which women blouse can be worn. All blouses unite that you are no longer just part of the business wardrobe, but also in the free time or even at evening events, properly combined, are an absolute eye-catcher. But for that you have to sit properly, here we show you what it is important to note.

The blouse purchase is one of the supreme disciplines of shopping! How so? There are many blouses, but before you desperately buy a badly fitting blouse just because you’re not tucked in the chest area, remember the following at the next blouse purchase:

Collar: The blouse collar should be pleasant to close and not too tight (depending on the collar version, this point is negligible with a wide collar such as the floppy blouse).

Street Style Day 3 - Copenhagen Fashion Week A/W 18


A classic white shirt does not have to be particularly impressive.

The costume of sophisticated women, a white shirt is a smart-casual garment that is worn at all times. If you are looking for new ways to stylish your favorite white shirt, we have several suggestions for you.

It’s winter now, but when the weather warms, a white shirt with a slit on the back or with shoulder cuts is an ideal way to show your sexy – modest side. Designers pay great attention to this season with sleeves, so if you want a simple piece that will leave a strong impression, we suggest you choose a white shirt with bell-shaped sleeves. Do not forget the clock and a few bracelets.